Letters to the editor: Commissioner cares about district

Commissioner cares about district

This is not a negative, hateful or venomous letter, but a positive note on behalf of my former student, Chris Bryant, candidate for re-election to the Clovis City Commission.

I would like to urge constituents of his district to support and vote for him in the coming election. He has been a hard working, honest and dependable member of the City Commission and always tries to do his best for the folks in his district and all of Clovis.

He is a lifelong member of our community and a graduate of Clovis High School. His business includes pictures on the wall from Clovis in the early days to the present. As you view the pictures it is obvious they were hung by an individual who loves his home town.

I am proud of Chris Bryant and his contributions to our community as a member of the Clovis City Commission.