Residents admit smart phones are smarter than them

Tonjia Rolan

Are you smarter than your smart phone?

If humans use only 10 percent of their brains — as urban legend alleges, do they also use only 10 percent of their smartphone apps?

As it turns out, the 10 percent brain usage myth has been debunked by neurologists, according to Scientific America. Neurologists now believe we use all of the brain, but what about apps?

Today’s smart phone user has an average of five to 30 free apps on his phone and up to 10 paid apps, according to Dan Rowinski of ReadWriteWeb.

Local residents who weighed in had 15 to 71 smartphone apps. Half admitted to using only 10 percent of their apps and no one used them all.

Are we smarter than our smart phones?

The unanimous response from local residents was “No.”

“It’s a lot smarter than I am.” said Cindy McDaniel, 56, of Clovis. “My kids and grandkids have to show me how to use it.” McDaniel admitted that her smart phone actually makes her feel dumber.

Ed Olp, 54, of Clovis replied “I’m smarter than a fifth grader, but I’m probably not smarter than my smart phone. It confuses me sometimes.” As it turned out, Olp uses 20 of his 60 smart phone apps on a regular basis, more than any other survey respondent. He named Facebook, Google, navigation, weather, CNN, NASCAR, games, Blue Tooth, banking and Pandora as apps he uses regularly.

Half of survey respondents admitted to texting someone who was sitting beside them rather than talking to them. Sandra Macias said, “If there’s something I don’t want to say in public it makes it less awkward.”

The most numbers stored in a phone app? Tyler Saucier of Clovis has more than 600.

What’s a smart phone app?

The word “app” is a shortened form of “application” and refers to software applications, such as Google, Bluetooth, Pandora and GPS.

The most popular smart phone apps

The top paid-for app is a game called Angry Birds and the top free app is Facebook, according to

Who owns smart phones?

According to Wikipedia, 43 percent of Americans own smart phones. The vast majority of them are under the age of 44.

Here are some of the responses from area resident polled:

Eddie Aguillon, 19, Clovis Community College student

Phone apps: 50

Used apps: 4

Are you smarter than your smart phone?

No. That’s where I get all my answers from.

Andy Chavez, 24, Clovis Community College student

Phone apps: 48

Used apps: 4

Which app do you use the most?

Voxer (a two-way radio app)

Cindy McDaniel, 56, purchasing assistant

Phone apps: It has apps?

Used apps: What’s an app?

Would you give up your phone for Lent?

Absolutely. Some days I’d give it up for a rotary.

Larry Jones, 30, carpenter

Phone apps: a lot

Used apps: 5

Have you ever texted someone sitting right beside you?

Sure. Sometimes you can’t talk out loud. You just have to hit them up.

Ed Olp, 54, support manager

Phone apps: 60

Used apps: 20

Are smart phones making us dumber?

I think they’re making us lazier. I used to open up an encyclopedia.

Sandra Macias, 23, store manager

Phone apps: 15

Used apps: 4

How many phone numbers are in your phone?

200. If I were to lose my phone I’d be lost.

Tyler Saucier, 18, recent high school graduate

Phone apps: 25

Used apps: 3

How many phone numbers do you know by heart?

One. My Nanna’s. That’s my grandma. I love my grandma.

Miguel Rodarte, Portales, 19, Eastern New Mexico University student

Phone apps: 25

Used apps: 7

If you only use 7 apps, what are the other apps for?

They make me look cool.

Bobby Kandel, Portales, 20, ENMU student

Phone apps: 60

Used apps: 10

What are some things you can do on your phone?

I do all my banking. I can edit photos. I Google every day. It even has a level on it.

Nicole Kimball, Portales, 19, ENMU student

Phone apps: 71

Used apps: 6

Do you think smart phones are making us anti-social?

Yes. I recently read a quote that said “Imaginary friends weren’t respected before Facebook.”