Students band together to send DVDs to troops

Cannon Connections: Alisa Boswell Eva Zaldivar, 3, left, helps her grandmother, Wilma Ploudre, fill care packages to send to soldiers overseas. Westminster Presbyterian Church in Clovis sends care packages to deployed troops.

Alisa Boswell

An Eastern New Mexico University student donated more than 300 DVDs for military care packages being sent by ENMU professor Patricia Dobson and her Clovis church, Westminster Presbyterian.

Dobson said she posts on her Facebook account when items are needed for the military care packages. She said this last time, she was asking for movies for the troops.

“I got a message from Stephen that said ‘hey, I have a bunch’ and I was thinking a bunch was maybe 10 or 20,” Dobson said, laughing. “Then he showed up with all these boxes. I was so shocked. It was such an enormous gesture to me.”

Stephen Hardin, a communications graduate student at ENMU, said he was given a large amount of DVDs by some friends who used to own a video store.

“They had told me they used to send movies to the troops, and I thought it was a good idea,” Hardin said. “A little while later Dr. Dobson had posted that she was collecting items for the troops, thus arose the opportunity.”

Dobson said although Hardin is one of the students to have given the largest amount of items to the care packages, he is not the first of ENMU students to overwhelm her with generous giving.

“I have other communications students who follow my posts about more stuff going out and they respond to it,” Dobson said. “It’s just amazing to me that my students read what my church is doing and think ‘we want to play too.’ And some of these kids I don’t even know. They just say, ‘hey, I saw your post and pictures and I want to do this.’ And I think, really, wow.”

Dobson said another communications student, Vincent Rodriguez, also brought her a stack of DVDs, some of which were unopened.

“It’s a labor of love for students to respond to what these other people are doing,” Dobson said. “It’s like a ripple effect. It’s just touching to me.”

Hardin said as people live their daily lives, it’s easy for them to take their freedoms for granted and forget the cost that’s paid for them.

“I thought I could do my part to make their lives a little less hectic, by giving them a piece of home and a laugh here and there,” Hardin said. “I am the middle man when it comes to this. The family who owned the video store gave the movies to me and Dobson provided a place for them to go. They are the ones who gave the troops a moment of peace.”

Dobson said she couldn’t be more proud of her university’s students for how giving they are towards the military troops.

“When I try to get students names to send a thank you, they won’t even give me their names because they don’t want recognition,” she said. “It makes me very proud.”