Views mixed on daylight saving time

Christina Calloway

Usually we have no problem “falling back” but when it comes to “springing ahead,” daylight saving time can be an inconvenience, and residents and businesses in eastern New Mexico are preparing for the time change.

Some residents are embracing the extra hour of daylight while others wish we were more like our neighbors in Arizona, who don’t participate in daylight saving time.

Unless the law changes, daylight saving time is guaranteed to happen twice a year in New Mexico. In 2007, federal law specified that daylight saving time applies from 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of March until 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of November.

Clovis dairy farmer Albin Smith said the time change is an inconvenience for his operation. He said his dairies operate with three, eight-hour milking shifts. The only change today would be a shift ends an hour early while another one gains an hour.

“If I had my preference we wouldn’t change at all,” said Smith, who has been a dairy farmer for 35 years. “I like what Arizona does better.”

Chris Seat at the Portales bar Goober McCool’s said they plan to close at regular time Sunday morning, which will mean 3 a.m.

Wayne Baker, an elder at Brazos Street Church of Christ, said they expect a smaller crowd at today’s 10:30 a.m. service.

“We’re just having service at the regular time, but we’ve announced the time change weeks in advance,” Baker said.

Normally we set our clocks back, and complain about the lack of sleep we had over the weekend at work or school on Monday.

Here’s what some local residents think about daylight saving time:

“They should leave the time alone. There shouldn’t be a change in time because it confuses people.” — Martha McNeil, Consigning Women

“It will be my time to enjoy my yard with the extra daylight. I think we should keep it the way it is.” — Elly Marez, Consigning Women

“I plan to stay out longer and hang out with my neighbors and my dogs.” — Kelly Stumpf, military wife

“I’m going to set my alarm to get used to the time change and spend the extra time outside with my son playing catch.” — Tone Rodriguez, DJ at Goober McCool’s

CNJ staff writer Gabe Monte contributed to this story.