Grandchildren’s visit highlight of spring break

I’ve had exactly one spring break with the traditional (or actually, probably rare but celebrated) spring break trip. That was a few years ago, when we were able to go and see my grandson, who is blessed enough to live in Panama City, Fla., one among many spring break Mecca’s.

College spring breaks were usually spent looking for a lifeguarding job so I wouldn’t have to work in the summer (hey, that’s a joke!) and spring break when I was in high school was nonexistant, though I am sure we would have welcomed the idea. Only college kids had them in the 70’s.

This is, however, one of those wonderful years when my grandson’s spring break coincides with our own and, though we cannot go to Florida, we can bring Jason to us. With him boarding the plane in Panama City, we pick him up a few hours later in Dallas.

I don’t really think the point of a spring break is to wear yourself out hanging out on the beach and return to classrooms exhausted. OK, well, maybe I would if we had the money to go to Florida. But in the real world, it’s enough to have him and our granddaughter here, together.

They will want my famous omelets — which she, oddly enough, never eats unless they are both here.

They will shoot hoops together, since she has given up cheerleading for basketball, at this point in life.

We will celebrate his birthday, even though it will not happen for a few weeks.

We will hike around Ned Houk, and if the weather be fair, go fishing. We will wish there was no fire ban on, so that we could have a cookout.

They will want to go to my classroom and my church office, because this is something they always want to do. They have work spaces there which they call offices. I dislike the thought that he is quickly outgrowing that fantasy, though I know it’s inevitable.

We will have movie night, or perhaps several movie nights.

I can guarantee you, that the 20 year old who had to use spring break to look for lifeguarding jobs, and lamented not having wealthy parents who could send him to Florida, would have failed to see the excitement latent in the above list. It’s amazing how a few years’ perspective can change your views.