Clerk’s office temporarily relocated

CNJ staff

The 9th Judicial District Court clerk’s office has temporarily relocated because of an air conditioning leak, Curry County Manager Lance Pyle said Thursday.

The leak in the clerk’s second-floor office of the Curry County courthouse was discovered and fixed Monday, Pyle said, adding carpet was cleaned on Tuesday in the area affected by the leak.

Maintenance Supervisor Edd McCorkle also reported tile floors and cabinets were cleaned, paint on the walls was sealed and the walls were repainted, and insulation in the ceiling damaged by the leak was replaced.

However, in an email sent Tuesday to Pyle, Court Executive Officer Louis Moore, cited a potential health risk to employees and a noxious smell as “still overwhelming, despite two days of clean-up” and a fan being used to exhaust the office.

A Clovis Fire Department spokesman said his crews were summoned to the courthouse Thursday to inspect the second-floor offices.

Battalion Chief Mike Jouett said his crew didn’t detect any dangerous odors or chemicals during their inspection. He said the leaked refrigerant “shouldn’t make anybody sick, unless you drink it.”

Pyle said the clerk’s office and personnel were temporarily moved to the third floor, which is accessible only by an elevator. There are signs posted throughout the building directing the public to the clerk’s temporary offices.

Pyle said Moore has asked the county to replace carpeting in the court clerk’s office and it is under consideration.

Pyle said a local firm is putting together an estimate on the cost of replacing carpet. He said once the county has a firm price, he will contact the court office about replacing any damaged carpeting.

“If the county needs to address an issue we’re going to do everything we can to address it,” Pyle said. “We have an obligation. Public health and safety is a priority.”