Clovis zoo’s baby giraffe makes debut

Cannon Connections: Tony Bullocks Seven-week-old Jerrica was made available for public viewing for the first time Tuesday at Hillcrest Park Zoo. Jerrica, who was born at the zoo, was placed in an exhibit next to her mother, Jael. Assistant Zoo Director Mark Yannotti said, “I’ve never seen it this busy in all of my 26 years at the zoo.” Yannotti figures the big crowd was a byproduct of Jerrica’s first day for public viewing, spring break and nice weather.

Hillcrest Park Zoo’s baby giraffe, Jerrica, made her debut Tuesday.

Zoo director Vince Romero said a chute has been completed allowing the giraffe access to her mother’s pen.

Jerrica was rejected by her mom at birth has been bottle fed since.

Zoo staff have been working on reuniting the two since Jerrica was kicked by her mother shortly after birth and taken into protective custody.

“Her mom’s pretty curious about her and wanting to get closer,” Romero said. “The baby’s not paying too much attention though; she’s just wandering around exploring.”

Romero said Jerrica will be on display next to her mother Jael’s exhibit.

“At this point, she’ll still go inside every night,” Romero said.

Romero encouraged the public to visit the zoo and meet the new addition.