Local Republicans inspire hope

There is hope for America to overcome excessive indebtedness.

While attending our weekly Gideon prayer session on Saturday at a Clovis restaurant, I witnessed the Curry County Republican Committee meeting at the same time.

Their meeting was attended by more than 100 members and many were standing because of lack of space. Many were major state and city leaders of our community.

What I heard reflected the only hope for America to overcome the excessive indebtedness, excessive cost of Obamacare, excessive new taxes, excessive government spending and the high unemployment percentage that we are presently experiencing.

I am confident the American people will vote major changes in all federal branches, our Congress, judicial and executive offices in the forthcoming election to be held in November.

I love my country that has existed for more than 225 years under the present Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Only under God and the holy Scriptures can we succeed another 225 years.