Sweet Home New Mexico: Alone time important

Something happened last week that hasn’t happened to me in over six years since I had my first child; I spent three days entirely alone. There was a conference in Albuquerque I attended, so my mom flew in from Alabama and watched my kids in Clovis while I traveled to Albuquerque. Having not spent any time completely alone in years, it took some getting used too.

While I was at the conference during the day, it was weird sitting for eight hours without having to worry about anyone else but myself. But after the meetings were over was when things really got strange. I didn’t have to worry about what to make my family for dinner, homework, bath time, wiping noses, changing diapers, bedtime stories or bedtimes. I didn’t have to worry about cleaning my kitchen or any other part of my house for that matter. All of the small things that fill up my day that revolve around taking care of my family were non-issues for a few days.

The first night it was so weird I almost didn’t enjoy myself. After the conference, I did a little shopping and went to eat dinner alone before going back to my hotel and reading a book, uninterrupted for almost three hours. I can’t get three pages in uninterrupted at home. I fell asleep early that night because I could, and woke up to only having to get me ready for the day. I knew my kids were in very capable hands, but I found myself thinking about them a lot, wondering exactly what they were doing and exactly what I was missing.

Then I realized that is nuts. Every good mom deserves to relish in some time alone when she can be given it. It doesn’t happen often for most moms, so the fact that I had not one, but three days by myself, was a cause for celebration. I decided to appreciate the time I was given, and aside from exchanging a few text messages with my mom to make sure all was well on the home front, I spent the next two days worrying about no one else but myself and not feeling guilty about it. I met my kids at the end of those three days rested and refreshed, again ready to take on all of my mom duties.

Motherhood is a hard, hard job. It is immensely rewarding, but immensely hard. The lesson I learned after my three days of solitude is to appreciate the journey, but relish the time I given to recharge my batteries, for they will come few and far between.