Press release: City adding stop signs

Over the next several months the City of Clovis Public Works Department will be installing stop signs in the area located between Seventh Street and 14th Street and Cameo Street and Thornton Street.

The signs are being installed to provide control at previously unmarked intersections.

In order to keep with a uniform approach to the overall layout the existing north/south signs located at 13th St. and West St., 10th St. and Edwards St., and Eighth St. and Edwards St. will be reversed to an east/west direction. The east/west signs located at 13th St. and Hull St., 11th St. and Hull St. and Ninth St. and Hull St. will be reversed to a north/south direction.

The proposed changes can also be found on the City of Clovis’s website at

Should you have any questions regarding the proposed signing please contact Justin Howalt at the Public Works Department at 769-2376.