Area officials remember Griffith

Entertainer Andy Griffith died Tuesday at his North Carolina home. He was 86. The cause of death has not been released.

Area officials had fond memories of the man best known for his role as Sheriff Andy Taylor on the TV series "The Andy Griffith Show."

  • Curry County Clerk Coni Jo Lyman: "I liked anytime Andy and the Darlings were together, picking and grinning."
  • Tucumcari City Clerk Trish Smith, on her favorite memories of The Andy Griffith Show: "I liked the character of Barney Fife, especially when he would drop his gun."
  • Clovis City Manager Joe Thomas, on The Andy Griffith Show: "I enjoyed the character of Ottis Campbell the most. I thought Ottis was the highlight of the show, especially when he would let himself into the jail." Thomas said when he was in grade school he performed Griffith's comedy routine "What it was, was football."
  • Portales City Clerk JoAnn Martinez-Terry: "I thought he was more than an actor, he was a great personality." She said her favorite episode was when Aunt Bea was competing with other church ladies for a new minister's attention and bought a wig.
  • Clovis City Commissioner Randy Crowder: "I admired him as a great man and I enjoyed (his TV sidekick) Barney Fife."
  • Clovis Finance Director Don Clifton: "I liked all the Andy Griffith shows, and especially the character of Ottis Campbell."
  • District Attorney Matt Chandler: While Chandler said he is too young to remember any specific shows, "I can whistle the tune" to the show's introduction.

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