Our nation faces large challenge

National Day of Prayer is Thursday. I've encountered numerous "petition requests" asking God to end the drought here in the Southwest, but are we as a nation ready to end the drought of living our lives without God, or thumbing our nose in his holy face?

National Day of Prayer is kinda pointless, even offensive to God, if we collectively (as a nation) make requests without contrite hearts, true humility and genuine repentance before Christ Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

As a nation, are we not mocking that holy, universal sacrifice?

As a nation, are not our hands full of blood? (1.5 million abortions every year, over 50 million "legal" abortions since 1973. Note: In the 1800s, many considered the "black man" less than human; in the 1940s, the Nazis considered the Jews less than human; and now in the last 40 years, we have considered the unborn child less than human). And the slaughter continues.

Our nation mocks God's institution of marriage, and through "political correctness" our nation justifies that mockery.

And as individuals, how apathetic and complicit are we?

We have a very large challenge ahead of us — to humbly turn ourselves and our nation back to God. Or face how many more years of drought?

Lord have mercy upon us.

Please read Isaiah 1, Hebrews 10, Jeremiah 14, Psalm 51.

Scott R. Blazek


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