On the Shelves: June 16

The following books are available:

Clovis-Carver Public Library
Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow: 200 Do-It-Yourself Ideas to Help You Grow Your Best Garden Ever was given by Curry County Republican Women in memory of Charles Guthals.
From creating a raised bed to extending the growing season with a lean-to greenhouse, you’ll find plenty of practical, fun projects to help you learn new gardening skills the easy way — one project at a time.
Breaking Point by C.J. Box takes Wyoming game warden Joe Picket on a warp-speed showdown between good and evil after his friend Butch Robertson is implicated in the murder of two EPA employees that took place shortly after the agency declared Butch’s tract of land a protected wetland.
Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal by Katherine Crowley gives women the tools they need to navigate difficult situations on the job, whether with a boss, a colleague, a client, or an employee, and shows how to transform a toxic relationship into one that benefits and supports both of you.
The Striker by Clive Cussler reintroduces detective Isaac Bell who moves elegantly and lethally through the period of early twentieth-century America as he is hired to hunt for saboteurs in the coal mines where he soon witnesses a terrible accident that night not be what it seems.
Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman gives a lovely tribute to the soaring, defiant spirit of a survivor in the story of young Rory Hendrix, who is determined to get out of the Reno trailer park where she lives with her bartender mother and to prove that she is not the feeble-minded imbecile that she’s been labeled.
Western Movie Photographs and Autographs by Ken Owens showcases more than 2000 examples of Western movie star memorabilia including photos and signatures from the 1920s to the 1970s of singing cowboys, sidekicks, heavies, Indians, leading ladies, veteran actors, supporting actors, and more.
The Royal Family: Britain’s Resilient Monarchy Celebrates Elizabeth II’s 60-year Reign by Catherine Mayer looks behind palace doors to explain the personalities and strategies that have helped the monarchy survive against the odds as it carries out its work in full view, yet remains mysterious and widely misunderstood.

Portales Public Library
Pirate Alley by Stephen Koonts A luxurious vacation cruise to the exotic locales of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden turns into a nightmare for passengers and crew when their ship is suddenly attacked and captured by a band of bloodthirsty Somali pirates. An initial rescue mission ends in failure; the decks are covered in blood. Unless they are paid a ransom of $200 million dollars within seven days, the pirates threaten to execute all their hostages. But information gleaned from a captured Al Qaeda operative indicates that there is a far more dangerous conspiracy afoot. Once the ransom is paid, Islamic militants intend to swoop in and slaughter the passengers in an orgy of terror, hoping to provoke a massive American military response that will set the Muslim world aflame. Jake Grafton is assigned to negotiate with the brutal pirate chief while his right hand man, Tommy Carmellini, and a team of CIA and Navy SEAL operatives mount an undercover operation to save the hostages and keep the U.S. from being maneuvered into a murderous war.
Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff. Sixteen-year-old Boy Nobody, an assassin controlled by a shadowy government organization, The Program, considers sabotaging his latest mission because his target reminds him of the normal life he craves.
Gingersnap by Patricia Reilly Giff. When her brother Rob, a Navy cook, goes missing in action during World War II, Jayna, desperate for family, leaves upstate New York and their cranky landlady, accompanied by a turtle and a ghost, to seek their grandmother, who Rob believes may live in Brooklyn.