Letter to the Editor — Oct. 31

GOP’s real Obamacare fear? It will work

Every time you turn on a news channel or radio station there is someone running down the Affordable Care Act.

There is an ideology in our country that believes anything government does is bad. This group is not concerned about the needs of the majority of citizens in our country and will spend vast amounts of money to defeat The Affordable Care Act.

The idea of the Affordable Care Act was simple: require insurance companies to issue the same policies to everyone and require everyone to have insurance coverage. The insurance companies had too much clout (money) to let this happen. The most efficient, cheapest and proven method would have been government be the insurer — Medicare.

The Affordable Care Act became complicated because of politics. The opponents of the idea wanted to make the plan as complicated as possible to discourage people from using it. The conservatives want to turn Medicare into a system like Obamacare, by using vouchers.

Have you ever heard a “news” outlet or talking head give the facts about how many thousands die every year in our country due to no insurance, far more than died on 911? How about health costs being the outstanding reason for bankruptcies? Have they ever mentioned that if administrative costs in our “system” were the same as Canada’s the savings would cover all of the uninsured?

I am sure you have heard our “system” is the best in the world. Well actually the World Health Organization ranked it 37th and the most expensive.

There have been foulups in getting the computer system running, government and private concerns both at fault.

But millions of people will benefit from The Affordable Care Act. The primary concern of conservatives is it will work, and when people realize it they cannot reverse it.


Leon Logan