Big style challenging in little town

Are you all dressed up and have nowhere to go? Do you have items in your closet that you adore but feel are a bit too much for your small town?

If this is you, then here are some “NiekaStyle” fashion do’s and don’ts to consider when dressing up your big style in your small town.

• First thing first ladies: Stop wearing those 5-inch platform party girl shoes to work! Do you wonder why the first response you get is “I love those shoes but I don’t know how you do it?” What they really mean is, “Why on earth are you wearing those shoes in the middle of the day to come pick up your kid from school?”

If you’re not going to an afternoon/evening social, you’re not out to dinner with friends or it’s not date night, then these should be left on the shelf.

• Instead, stick to a 3-inch non-platform heel; or a wedge heel looks great any time of day. But if you must wear them higher, try pairing them with a maxi dress. The maxi dress will soften up the look and can be pulled off any time of day. You will only see part of the heel when moving around so it doesn’t look so intense.

Another great look for a higher heel or platform shoe heel — pairing them with sailor pants. Anything that is long enough to flow with the shoe will help to tone it down. But watch your step!

• A pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt is your best combination to pair with when pondering on what to wear with a statement piece. For example, if you have a really loud jacket or faux fur coat that you want to showcase, when pairing them with jeans and a solid T-shirt, it doesn’t look so extreme.

• You don’t want to look like you’re walking out of a fashion photo shoot when leaving the house every day. You don’t have to wear all your exaggerated items at once. But what you do want to do is keep in mind that for every whimsical statement piece, there is a toned-down version that can work for any occasion and any town.


D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for Clovis Media Inc. Contact her at or find her on Facebook.