Community leaders share New Year’s resolutions

Staff report

It’s the time of the year to toast with champagne and set goals for the New Year. We asked community leaders about their New Year’s resolutions for 2015. Here is what they shared:

• Tim Ashley, Curry County commissioner: “My new year’s resolutions are to gain weight and lose money. If I fail in that it means I will succeed. It’s a bit of reverse psychology.”

• Gayla Brumfield, Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority chairwoman:
“I have so many, but I’ll share two fun ones. I’m going to train for a half-marathon. I also want to go to at least four concerts. … I won’t share the other 400.”

• Robert Sandoval, Clovis city commissioner: “Stay alive and kicking for another year.”

• Fidel Madrid, Clovis city commissioner: “I haven’t thought much about it. I think I need to lose some weight.”

• Andrea Reeb, 9th Judicial District attorney: “I’m not a New Year’s person. I make personal resolutions throughout the year and get those accomplished.”

• Joe Thomas, Clovis city manager: “To try and be as much of a service to the community as I can.”

• Rosalie Riley, Curry County clerk: “To remember to give thanks every day. Being more accessible to the public is a great goal for us in the clerk’s office. We want to streamline so there is more available online as well.”