Friends free Fluffy the white rabbit

By Wendel Sloan

Local columnist

Wendel Sloan

Wendel Sloan

This is an original children’s story for your youngsters:

Fluffy was a huge white rabbit as big as a kangaroo.

He lived in a golden meadow, with a carrot patch in the middle, with his friends: black birds, blue butterflies, brown bears, gray gooses, green grasshoppers, orange orangutans, pink panthers, purple puppies, red roosters, yellow yaks, and animals for every color in a crayon box.

Then one day, while he was taking a nap, some mean men sneaked up and captured Fluffy in a big net. They took him in an old, smoking truck to a nearby carnival.

They threw him in a cage and hung posters around town advertising “The Biggest Rabbit in Captivity.”

Day after day, people formed long lines and paid to stare and point at Fluffy. He was very sad and cried himself to sleep at night until the tears soaked his fur and made him shiver.

Each day the blue butterflies and black birds flew over the carnival to see how they could rescue Fluffy.

One day they flew back and told their friends the carnival was heading out of town toward their golden meadow.

They all met in their carrot patch to discuss what to do — and ate some carrots to make their eyesight better for spotting Fluffy.

When Fluffy came by in his cage in the back of the old smoking truck, the orange orangutans jumped in front and made it stop. Then the mean men got out with nets and tried to capture them, but the orangutans growled, beat their chests and chased them into the woods.

Then Fluffy’s friends jumped on the trucks and freed all the carnival animals. They did not care what color they were or what they looked like. They just wanted them to be free.

To thank them, the monkeys opened the food truck and grabbed cotton candy and shared it with Fluffy and his friends.

Then all the animals played together in the golden meadow and lived happily ever after.

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