ENMU tuition to rise by 6.5 percent

By Joshua Lucero
Staff writer

Students at Eastern New Mexico University will be greeted with a 6.5 percent increase in tuition and fees this fall.

ENMU’s board of regents approved the increase during a Jan. 23 meeting in Santa Fe.

Scott Smart, ENMU’s vice president of business affairs, said the tuition and fees increase translates to a $155 per semester increase for undergraduates and a $170 increase for graduate students.

In-state full-time students currently pay $2,550 per semester while out-of-state students pay $5,437 per semester.

The increase in tuition and fees is needed to compensate for a lack of state appropriated funds, Smart said.

Smart said the fees were increased with the assumption that state appropriated funds would not increase for the upcoming academic year.

Smart said the school needed $1.3 million in new revenue for the 2015-16 year and raised the tuition and fee rates accordingly.

According to Smart, students were notified of the increase before the board approved it.

ENMU freshman Kayla Wilson, 19, said she thinks the tuition increase is good for students in the long run, but said it may hit some students in the pocket book when it goes into effect in the fall.

“I know most of it (tuition increase) goes towards the school, but it will be hard for some students to come up with the extra money,” Wilson said.

Karina Dozal, a junior at ENMU, said the increase will directly affect her during her senior year.

Dozal said her parents make too much money for her to receive enough financial aid for school and already has to rely on student loans to pay her tuition and fees.

“It’s a lot,” Dozal said of the increase. “It’s $150 more per semester that I didn’t have before.”

Dozal said the increase in tuition and fee rates will force her to take on more debt in the fall.

“It may seem like a larger increase, but we still have the fourth-lowest tuition and fee rates out of 80 institutions in the Southwest even after the increase,” Smart said.