New calendar one joy of new year

By Sandy Fields
Local columnist

One of my joys in a new year is opening the brand new calendar and laying it out on my desk.

I’m all into digital gadgets and computer reminders, but I still love the practice of writing things down in those fresh white boxes.

From the myriad of diverse calendars that seem to come my way every December, I select one for my desk that’s totally different from any in the past.

This year it’s an Old Farmer’s Almanac gardening calendar. I’m finding interesting little tidbits of knowledge on the pages.

Tonight is the full snow moon. In all my living days, I’ve never heard that phrase. I’ve only heard of the full harvest moon. Of course I had to do some searching.

There are special names for all the full moons, originating with native tribes of North America. My calendar uses the names from the Algonquins.  They’re beautiful. Names like wolf moon, strawberry moon, corn moon.

It’s been such a beautiful year for snow. Perfect timing to learn about this lovely title for tonight’s full moon.

It will be rising at 5:31 this evening and setting at 6:22 Wednesday morning. Yes, I looked that up in the Farmer’s Almanac.

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