Letter to editor: Newspaper no longer shares values of residents

My wife and I have subscribed to the Clovis News Journal continuously from January 1971 to present. That is 44 years. We no longer believe that CNJ reflects the moral standards and values of our fine community.

The picture and article about the same-sex couple on the front page of the Feb. 14 paper suggests that the News Journal is promoting this lifestyle.

This is not responsible journalism and a good approach to a well-rounded human experience as stated in last Sunday’s editorial written by Editor David Stevens.

The saddest thing is that you have labeled the young men for life in picture and print. If either young man wanted to leave this empty lifestyle, they are forever labeled by the Clovis News Journal.

For this reason, we are canceling our subscription to the Clovis News Journal. If CNJ represents the moral values of others, that is fine. They are not my values that I hold near and dear.

George Shuckman