Elida opting out of spring break

Staff report

Elida Municipal Schools has decided to opt out of including a spring break in its schedule this year.

Superintendent Jim Daugherty said the decision was based on a combination of testing and school activities pushing the break so far back into the school year.

“Last year when we were looking at our school calendar, we wanted to place spring break after our testing period was over, and we also wanted to place it after the state FFA contest because we had a lot of students participate in that,” he said. “Because it was getting so late in the year, we decided to just not have a spring break.”

Daugherty said this is the first time the school has not had the break. To compensate, the school year will be ending one week early on May 14.

According to Daugherty, most staff members are supporting the decision to try the new schedule.

“During our staff meetings, we had very little complaint about no spring break,” he said. “We did have some staff members say that they would like a spring break, but in general, most members are in support of trying to see how this works.”

Daugherty said the change will continue depending on how students, parents and staff react to it.

“This is just kind of a test year to see how it goes,” he said. “After we try it, if people are against it, I’m sure we will re-evaluate. If people do seem to like it, then we will probably stay with it.”