County jail’s ‘expenditures’ pending investigation

By Brittney Cannon

Curry County Commissioner Chet Spear last week said he has found some “expenditures” in the county jail budget that led him to contact the district attorney’s office.

“I go through every check that’s spent every month,” Spear said. “I asked (County Manager Lance) Pyle, ‘What’s this for?’ and ‘I want to know why we’re spending money here, there and everywhere.’

“This one came up before I was a commissioner, and so I looked into it, then I went to the district attorney’s office.”

DA Andrea Reeb said, “If there is (an investigation) pending, we won’t disclose (information) until it’s concluded. If there is an investigation, we have not completed it.”

Pyle said the county will “cooperate with any information that is requested by the district attorney’s office,” and declined to comment further.

Tori Sandoval, administrator at the detention center, said she received a letter from the DA’s office a few months ago informing her that it will be conducting an investigation.

“All I know is anything they ask for, we will provide copies of,” Sandoval said. “Otherwise, that’s all I know. I have not been contacted by the district attorney and don’t know what it’s pertaining to.”