Terry: It’s time to doze off with my dirt

Once spring has sprung, hope springs eternal. Or so it goes on my patio and in my yard.

It never fails; as soon as the time changes and the days get warmer, I think I need to plant something. Sometimes that works out well and sometimes not well at all.

The bug bit me this year as I pulled into the Kiwanis plant sale. All the petunia colors looked delightful. Why not get them all and mix them together?

If one geranium were good, five would be even better. Total things up and I found myself rushing to the ATM to complete my floral handiwork. Another stop to procure potting soil and I would be set.

Karl Terry

Karl Terry

I guess I wasn’t counting correctly or maybe I wasn’t seeing straight. Before long I had filled every pot I could find with petunias and geraniums. I quickly seized on the idea of filling up the old wheelbarrow with flowers. After drilling drain holes and dumping a great big bag of potting soil into the belly of the old beast I started transplanting flowers.

I finished and still had flowers left so I searched the garage and shed again for pots and found a few more. Once those were full I went back to the wheelbarrow and squeezed a few more pink petunias in along the sides. Then I decided to go back to the store for a window box and another garden hose so I could water flowers on the patio and the front porch without dragging the hose around.

Finally, with the last of the plants tucked away in their new summer homes and watered generously, I stopped to question things.

Was I really all that fond of petunias and geraniums?

Did I just lose my head over doing a good turn?

Will the drought return and dry up my investment?

Did the Kiwanians or whatever they call themselves see a sappy looking Rotarian coming and take advantage of me?

Should I give Mother geraniums for Mother’s Day?

Finally I tired of pondering and dozed off on my patio amid the petunias. As I dozed, I dreamed of fresh red tomatoes on healthy vines cascading above my tomato cages. I could almost taste the sweet fruit on a salad.

I think I may go shopping for tomato plants this weekend. On second thought I might want to send my wife in to make the purchase since I only have two patio containers suitable for tomatoes.

If you need me this summer I’ll be on the patio with a good book waiting on flowers and tomatoes.

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