NiekaStyle: Labels don’t make style

Labels are not all that important when it comes to great style. But there are a few exceptions to that rule. Some style-conscious people wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less than the designer label.

D'Nieka Hartsfield NiekaStyle

D’Nieka Hartsfield

Whatever items you consider your must have, there are few common details that we all look for. Style, fit and quality are always important.

For example, shoes are often that one item to splurge on. Why? Because no one wants to walk around in a cheaply made, uncomfortable or ugly shoe.
We will try them on and walk around in them before purchase. We get excited if we snag a nice looking pair that fit comfortably. Shoes are definitely an exception to budget shopping because they are keepers.

Other than the few exceptions, no one really cares about designer labels. When it’s time to update my look, I focus on texture, fabrics and fit. No one cares how much your shirt or pants cost you and, unless you’re on the red carpet, no one is asking who you’re wearing. But people do pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you’re wearing them. That’s why more and more designers are catering to the average consumer and making their garments more accessible.

But we all do have our splurge items. Another one of mine is sunglasses. I can’t function without them and I love a great looking pair. For many years I settled for the $5-$10 sunglasses that I had on rotation. They would break or I’d lose them all the time. Then the inevitable designer sunglasses happened (because they were on sale) and the game changed. I could never go back to my $5 shades. Why? In this case, it was all about the quality.
The plastic and the lens difference was incomparable.

Don’t fall victim to the labels themselves when considering what to spend a few more bucks on because, in most cases, you are just paying for the name. Look for timeless and quality pieces to get the best out of your spending.

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for the Clovis News Journal and the Portales News-Tribune. Contact her at; find her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram @niekastyle.