NiekaStyle: Mix and match for fun style

I enjoy the art of actually managing to wear every single item in my closet on a regular basis. Figuring out how to re-purpose an item that was initially meant to be worn only once on special occasion is key. There are times when you purchase that one dress for an event and love it so much that you ponder how and if you’ll ever get the chance to wear it again.

D'Nieka Hartsfield NiekaStyle

D’Nieka Hartsfield

The same goes for those after hour outfits that we wish we could wear during the day. Well, there are always a few simple tricks that will help you get the most wear out of your most cherished one time pieces.

First, for that fancy dress and/or shimmery glitzy top that you’ve been gazing at for quite some time, your themed party dress, skirt or shiny suit, any outfit can be re-purposed. My favorite way to dress down the look is by adding a thin turtleneck or a favorite long-sleeve shirt underneath. This will take your look from a fancy to a casual chic alternative for a girl’s night out to wear to your next holiday party or wherever the look may take you. Not only does this downplay your dress but works great for cooler weather.

Next, pair sportswear with formals. For instance, pair your full faux fur coat or fancy scarf that you’re dying to wear with a comfy hoodie and/or sweat pants. This you can wear to a casual get together or sporting event.

Everyone has laidback clothing to pair fun things with. Just add a few accessories to your sporty look, your favorite lipstick and shades and throw on your fun flashy item.

Who says you can’t dress a splash of avant-garde in your everyday dressing?

D’Nieka Hartsfield writes for The Eastern New Mexico News. Contact her at; find her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram @niekastyle.