Pages past — Nov. 23

On this date …
1976: Local law enforcement and the Distributive Education Department at Clovis High School hosted a seminar on ways to prevent shoplifting.

Prosecutor Albert Chavez, Juvenile Probation Officer Jim Osborne and Clovis Police Officer Joe Thomas fielded questions from business owners about laws and offered tips on ways to spot and detain a shoplifter.

1951: An oil well near the New Mexico state line, west of Bledsoe, Texas, was producing 18 barrels an hour, officials said.

Shell Oil company was drilling other wells in the vicinity, including at least one in Roosevelt County.

1941: Two Oklahoma men had been charged with stealing from Curry County farmers.

One farmer reported gas had been stolen, while a farmer near St. Vrain told authorities someone stole tires off of a combine.

Deputy Sheriff Val Baumgart said he used footprints and automobile tire tracks to identify the suspects.

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