Render: We couldn’t have seen this coming

Elections have consequences and some of them are unforeseen.

In what NBC news described as a “maneuver that seemed to deliberately limit access to the media” the Trump family went to dinner. The president-elect had the impertinence to decide he was hungry after his spokeswoman told the press pool that his day had ended.

Rube Render

Rube Render

One week after the election, the Trump administration was described by NBC as, “shaping up to be the least accessible to the public and the press in modern history.”

What Trump should do is fabricate a seal similar to the presidential seal and engrave on it the inscription “Office of the president-elect,” hang it on a podium and announce his dinner plans daily to the press. I believe this solution may have been accomplished once before.

News reports of the Trump transition team are often prefaced with the caveat that the election caught them by surprise because Trump didn’t expect to win. They also regularly note that “most Americans” didn’t expect Trump to win. These statements would have you believe that millions of voters went to the polls thinking, “He doesn’t have a chance, but I’ll vote for him anyway.”

Trump voters were not the same as Jill Stein voters. I would also wage a considerable sum that Donald Trump fully expected to win the election.
By far, the most remarkable unforeseen result of the Trump phenomena is the outpouring of anguish from students of all ages. Universities have established nonviolent spaces and crying rooms with coloring books and Play-Doh to assist students in coping with the panic attacks caused by the catastrophic election. Classes as well as examinations have been canceled because of students being too distraught to concentrate on anything as mundane as schoolwork.

As a hiring manager, I have to confess that if an employee called in to say they were too distressed to report for work due to an election result, I would inform them that they had every right to seek employment elsewhere.

In September of this year I wrote, “If you find yourself back in your childhood bedroom, track down a U.S. military recruiter and beg him to enlist you into any service that will have you.”

In retrospect, that was one of the more foolish recommendations I have ever inflicted on the reading public. As a member of the military, when the word comes down to “move out,” you don’t really have time to put away your coloring books and Play-Doh.

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