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To receive text alerts from:

Clovis News Journal – text the word CNJNEWS to 56654

Portales News-Tribune – text the word PNTNEWS to 56654

Quay County Sun – text the word QCSNEWS to 56654

We do not charge for your subscription, excluding your wireless carrier’s
text messaging rates. For the main breaking news topic ALERTS, *up to 3
alerts per day*. For all other topics up to *1 alert per day*. To end your
subscription at any time text *STOP* to *56654*. For help: Text keyword
*HELP* to short code *56654*. *Message & data rates may apply*. Available
on most carriers List Tier 1 carriers and U.S. Cellular. For more help, call 575-763-3431 or visit terms and conditions at