MVD at fault for Real ID confusion

Here’s a guess that the folks who run the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division are not Black Friday shoppers. They are the folks who scramble on Christmas Eve to find the gifts they need. That procrastination on the part of MVD is the reason far too many New Mexicans are going into the holidays scrambling […]

Render: We couldn’t have seen this coming

Elections have consequences and some of them are unforeseen. In what NBC news described as a “maneuver that seemed to deliberately limit access to the media” the Trump family went to dinner. The president-elect had the impertinence to decide he was hungry after his spokeswoman told the press pool that his day had ended. One […]

McManigal: Opinions must change to fit facts

How often do you change your opinion about anything? When you do, what causes the change? With the reluctance toward changing an opinion, it’s amazing anyone ever does, on anything. Yet, it is possible, and it does happen. I have changed my opinion on many things over the course of my life. When I change […]

‘Whiskey Jack’ could tell a good story

When Lisa Shipman happened into the Veterans Administration Office in Roswell last week, she noted a photo of a handsome man and inquired. The identity of the man, she was told, was not known. Someone had discovered the picture, along with a folded flag in a presentation case, in a recently deceased woman’s home and […]

‘Hamilton’ ambush self-righteous, uncivil

When Vice President-elect Mike Pence walked into the theater to watch the Broadway play “Hamilton” recently, he was not Abraham Lincoln and it was not Ford’s Theatre, but there was an ambush. He might have smelled trouble immediately upon entering. The air was thick with self-righteousness. The actions of the booing and churlish crowd are […]

Stevens: The News heads for the future

They’re married. The Clovis News Journal, 87, and Portales News-Tribune, 59, made it official this morning. They’ve been getting along for years anyway, sharing staff, sharing stories, sharing the comics pages. The websites are one now, and so are the Facebook pages. And in a show of mutual respect, they’ve both changed their names to […]

Boswell: Pastor Jim made our world better

Dozens of memories flooded my mind over this past week as I grieved — along with many others — the loss of an amazing man who touched many lives across eastern New Mexico and beyond. I was about 8 when my parents began taking us to a non-denominational church called Living Stones Community Fellowship, which […]

Sloan: Trump off to bad start with picks

Unlike Obama haters, I want Trump to succeed in making our country better for everyone. To paraphrase Obama, the office transforms ideology into sobering reality. Russia is attacking us with cyber warfare. Immigrant workers keep prices low. All those “worst deals in history” — NATO, Obamacare, nuclear and trade agreements — required complex negotiations. In […]

Wilson: Coffee messages rarely make sense

I will never understand some things about coffee. I don’t get how people will want to throw elected officials out of office when gasoline hits $3 a gallon, but think nothing of letting the engine idle while buying a $4 latte. I don’t get how people think they save instantly using K-Cups when they just […]

Cutting cost of hepatitis C drug key to saving lives

New Mexicans spent $36.5 million last year treating a fraction of the state’s Medicaid hepatitis C patients, and a good portion of that was for a prescription medication that cures the liver-wasting disease. State taxpayers are on pace to make that price tag look like a deal this year, spending $17 million in the first […]

Value of special courts should be discussed

As the state of New Mexico continues to struggle with a $458 million projected budget shortfall this fiscal year — and the state’s courts deal with self-imposed cuts including a $500,000 reduction in mileage reimbursement for judges, court staff, jurors, interpreters and court-ordered witnesses — it is important to recognize that short-term savings can have […]

McManigal: I will continue to defend liberty

In the wake of the election, about half of those who continue to play the voting game are pretty upset because the candidate they didn’t want to win has been foisted upon them. Or because the one they wanted, lost. This time around it was hard to see the difference in all but a few […]

Render: Elected should know glory is fleeting

Now that the votes are in and counted we know that Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States. Headlines, still treating Trump with the same consideration they showed during the election cycle, describe him as being “Holed up in Trump Tower,” rather than stating, “Trump is at home working on […]

Sloan: Teaching young to slay dragons

Amanda Campbell is trying to be the person she never had growing up. Campbell, 37, never knew her father, and said she was verbally, physically and sexually abused by some of her mother’s boyfriends. “We moved often into trailer parks, condemned buildings and campgrounds. We survived on welfare, government cheese and peanut butter and mayonnaise […]

Wilson: Citizens shouldn’t subsidize sports

My favorite baseball team signed a free agent to a big contract 16 Decembers ago. I was happy Alex Rodriguez was joining the Texas Rangers, but dismayed when then-owner Tom Hicks bragged about outbidding other teams by $60 million on the 10-year, $250-million deal. The Rangers struggled without that $60 million to upgrade the pitching […]

Government incompetence costs so much

Well, that was an interesting week. Emotions ran from jubilation to mourning to outrage as government impacted our lives. If you think government does not impact your life, think back to Sunday morning and what time — remember, we’re going by Standard Time for the next four months — you went to church or started […]

Catholics may see new era on abortion issue

At places of worship across the country, abortion is not an unusual topic for discussion, or even instruction. That the subject may be given more intense attention during an election season isn’t unusual, either. That’s because even though abortion is legal, based on a 1973 Supreme Court decision, it remains one of the most divisive […]

McManigal: Elections result in America losing

By the time you are reading this, the presidential election will be history. Which I suppose is better than hysteria, which is what it has been for well over a year. Perhaps there are some “electronic voting irregularities” — this year’s equivalent of “hanging chads” — casting a shadow over the results. Many will doubt […]

Render: God bless America and her vets

A few things to think about this week: The 2016 presidential campaign is over. The election was held Tuesday, and for better or worse, we have a new president. God Bless America. • • • Once again it’s time to celebrate the anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps on Thursday and to honor all veterans […]

MVD on track with its mobile service

New Mexico is the fifth-largest state in the nation when it comes to land mass. Yet its population of just over 2 million is spread out over those nearly 122,000 square miles, making providing services a physical, and fiscal, challenge. The internet is an economical option in many cases. So are mobile offices. And now […]