State abstains from funds

Staff and wire reports ALBUQUERQUE — State Health Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil says there has never been a consensus among the experts that abstinence-only sexual education works. That’s one reason the state has decided not to reapply for federal funding to bring such programs to New Mexico schools next year. “There has never been a […]

Abstinence programs for teens work

By Mona Charen Last month, the leading lights of journalism reported (with a trace of smugness) the results of a study showing that adolescents who took a pledge of sexual abstinence were almost as likely as those who took no pledges to contract sexually transmitted diseases. The Washington Post noted that the report “sparked an […]

Sexual abstinence figures uncertain at Clovis schools

By Michelle Seeber High pregnancy rate suggests condom use is low, nurse says. Junior high student Shawn Manning knows a teenage boy who got his girlfriend pregnant when he was 16. The boy and his girlfriend decided to have the baby, get married and drop out of high school. Manning wants no part of that […]