To be fearless cowboy way of life

Glenda Price When a cowboy gets the worst of a horseback wreck he straightens his hat, dusts off his britches and gets back on the horse. When someone asks, “Are you hurt?” he laughs, points to his body part that hit the ground first — usually his rear end — and says, “Nah … landed […]

Martinez, Elijio “Britches”

Elijio “Britches” Martinez Services: Have been held. Mr. Elijio “Britches” Martinez, 91, of Clovis, died Thursday, July 1, 2004, at Laurel Plains Health Care in Clovis. He was born on Nov. 11, 1912, in Las Colonias, to Guadalupe Ullibarri and Ignacita Chavez Martinez. He married Consuelo Julia Valdez on June 16, 1948, in Clovis. He […]