Residents hired to prepare facility for cosmetics company

Tonjia Rolan The run-up for a new cosmetics company based in Clovis has already created a handful of jobs for local residents. Snelling Staffing Manager Lexi Myers said Snelling has hired eight to 10 people to wash windows, sweep, dust and paint the FrozFruit facility in preparation for its new owner, Beauty and Health Science […]

Press release: Luj

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ben Ray Luj

Rep. Luj

Rep. Luj

Supreme Court delves deeper into patent issues

Freedom Newspapers The U.S. Supreme Court last week made it a little harder to get a patent on an invention, and harder to defend an existing patent against encroachment. The decision could make existing patents a bit less valuable than before. Whether it will achieve the desired effect of spurring useful innovation or not is […]

Space act puts regulation before innovation

Freedom Newspapers In a reasonably sane world, there would have been no perceived need for House Resolution 5382, the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, which passed the Senate during the final minutes of the recent lame-duck session and awaits President Bush’s signature. Given the world we live in, however, it offers a fairly […]