Wind festival set for Saturday

CNJ staff photo: Kevin Wilson The following trophies for the Downtown Wind Festival’s Pedal ARTitude Rally are on display at the Clovis MainStreet office. MainStreet Executive Director Robyne Baubien said the aim was to make the trophies tacky, “and I think we’ve excelled.” Kevin Wilson The joke goes, John Muir said, that wind helped establish […]

Settlers up to no good at Portales Springs

Courtesy photo Portales Springs’ land dispute ended with Doak Good selling out to Jim Newman and leaving the area. Newman stayed and continued to build his herd. By Ruth Burns: Special to the CNJ Editor’s note: This is the third of three articles about two of the area’s earliest settlers, Doak Good and Jim Newman. […]

Early settlers pushed into New Mexico

James F. “Jim” Newman began moving his cattle to Salt Lake, now Grulla Wildlife Refuge, just across the state line in New Mexico in 1882. Editor’s Note: This is the second of three articles about two of Roosevelt County’s earliest settlers, Doak Good and Jim Newman. One of the biggest land deals in United States […]

Early settlers clashed over land

Illustration Courtesy Don McAlavy Reproduced from a historic newspaper clipping. This photograph made in 1897 by S.E. Moore at Portales Springs depicts the legend of the shootout between Doak Good and Gabe Henson in the 1880s at the Springs. By Ruth Burns: FNM correspondent Editor’s note: This is the first of three articles about two […]

Longtime editor of CNJ looks back on Clovis

Don McAlavy: Local Columnist When I worked at Chick Taylor Press in the 1950s I was lucky enough to type up longtime Clovis News Journal editor Jack Hull’s columns. He was retired then and writing his column, “Caught in the Round-Up.” Here’s one of his columns: “I’m an old-timer in this country, a real old-timer. […]

Salute to Melrose: Unique community

By Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M.: Guest columnist Editor’s note: The following is a speech delivered Thursday by U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., before the House of Representatives. I rise today to commemorate the kickoff of centennial festivities in the town of Melrose, New Mexico. The annual Old Timer’s Festival on Aug. 11th marks the beginning […]

Steam locomotives helped build Clovis

By Don McAlavy Hear that lonesome whistle sound As it passes through the night. It’s the old Santa Fe freight train As it rumbles out of sight. Back around 1971, I wrote this piece about the steam locomotives leaving Clovis for good. I never published it until now. I wasn’t an historian then, but felt […]