March 10, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Euthanization isn’t best option

Skunks on the move

Courtesy photo Skunk traps, such as this one, owned by Bill Bolinger, are available from Clovis Animal Control for residents’ use. The enclosed trap helps to prevent a skunk from spraying the trapper. By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer Some unwanted residents aren’t just invading neighborhoods in Clovis’ upper east side. They’re invading noses, too.

Sometimes camping stinks

By Bob Huber: Local columnist When spring rears its ugly head in these dusty parts, I always get claustrophobia — a fear of being trapped in a 1957 Chevy with a polecat. I caught that terminal ailment when our kids were small, and our family drove through a rain storm. What happened was, we went […]

Animal groupings on march

By Bob Huber: Local columnist Here at the Homeless Language Shelter we’re keeping a wary eye on the annual March for Animals in Washington, D.C. We’re not sure what animals they’re marching for, but human beings, mostly news reporters, get all tangled up when they try to describe the event. Here’s the problem: Reporters generally […]