Spellers get set

By Mickey Winfield: Freedom Newspapers Letters and syllables will be flying across the Clovis Community College stage this morning in the 2007 Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico Regional Spelling Bee. Three dozen participants representing schools in Roosevelt, Quay and Curry counties, ranging in age from 8 to 14, will compete for a trip to the […]

Very Important Players league helps special needs children

Gloria Olp, center, jokes with Bobby Neuman, right, and her son Ryan during halftime of Saturday’s VIP league soccer game. CNJ staff photo: Ryan Lengerich By Ryan Lengerich: CNJ staff writer Ryan Olp scored the first goal in Saturday’s soccer game. With a shoulder-wide smile he smacked hands with a teammate, gave a shout to […]

Cannon student faces tough test

Samuel Spurgeon meets his hero, Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, earlier this month in Miami. Samuel met Williams through the Make-a-Wish Foundation which grants special requests for seriously ill children. Courtesy photo. By Keith Pannell Ask any parent how it feels when their child is in pain and they’ll tell you it’s one of […]